Messaging Localized

There are always individuals around you who are probably interested in the same thing as you. How do you reach out to them?
Enter SwarmLocal.
The only app that letsyoubecome theHotspot!


SwarmLocal offers the fantastic opportunity to form create mobile swarms. When you create a mobile swarm, the swarm’s location moves with the host who created the swarm. So it could be an ice cream truck owner who creates a mobile swarm and drives around neighborhoods or a bunch of cyclists riding the tour de france.


You can do all this and remain faceless and nameless. Become another spoke in the wheel without sacrificing your identity! No sign-ups, no email, no logins..period.


Ability to create broadcast only swarms. In text only broadcast swarms only the host can send messages. Perfect for emergency first responders or law enforcement to keep the local community updated. iOS users can also broadcast real time audio or video to other users in the group. Currently only supported on iOS devices.


Swarms have ranges (1600 metres to 20000 metres). Only devices within the range of the swarm can subscribe to the swarm. Once you move out of the swarm range you automatically lose membership in the swarm. Information stays local and users anonymous! Just like your local radio station, you tune in and tune out when out of range or flip to a different channel.

“Messaging Localized”

“Location aware group messaging meets mobility and anonymity”

“The only app that lets you become the HotSpot. A HotSpot that can move!”

“The perfect new way for local crowdsourcing with complete anonymity”

“No Logins. No Checkins. Period!”

“React to local events en masse. Leverage strength in numbers.”