This here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.  You can also contact us for anything not covered below.

What is “Swarming”?
Swarm behavior, or swarming, is a collective behavior exhibited by animals of similar “size” [does not apply to our app :) ] which aggregate together, perhaps milling about the same spot or perhaps moving en masse or migrating in some direction – Wikipedia
What is a “Swarm”?
Swarm is a messaging HotSpot and is defined by it center and range. It is a geo-fenced circle where the range is the radius of that geofence. Only users within range of a swarm can discover the swarm on the main screen of the app. Once users move out of range they will automatically get unsubscribed from the swarm. 
Briefly what does “SwarmLocal” do?
SwarmLocal lets users create local messaging hotspots (a.k.a swarms). 

What is the “#Universal Swarm#”?
The #Universal Swarm# is the worldwide Swarm encompassing the entire globe. It is sort of a Help channel as well and is one of a kind! Also we would hate for you to land on an empty screen.
What does the Swarm Map show?
Red Marker - Current center of Swarm.Blue Dot - You of course!.Green circle - Range of the Swarm.
Swarm Map

Swarm Map

What is a “Mobile” Swarm?
In a “Mobile” Swarm the center of the Swarm moves with the location of the Host who formed the Swarm. So get in your ice-cream truck, fire up a swarm called ‘Bubba’s Ice’ and drive around neighborhoods!
What is a “Fixed” Swarm?
In a “Fixed” Swarm the center of the Swarm stays fixed once created. Even after the Host who created the Swarm moves out of Range the Swarm center stays where it was originally created, growing roots, until it dies. More on the dying part later…
What is the “Range” of a Swarm?
The “Range” of a swarm is the distance from the Swarm center within which subscribers can join the Swarm. Subscribers outside the “Range” of the Swarm won’t even see it. So Range is a.k.a ‘radius of influence’ of the swarm.
How does a “Swarm” die?
When membership in the Swarm goes to zero the Swarm automatically ceases to exist. No need to crowd the airspace with empty swarms.
How is a “Swarm” formed?
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth…well lets fast forward to now. Anyone can form a Swarm.It truly is a free world!
How do i join a “Swarm”?
As long as you are within the range of a “Swarm” you can join it. This list of ‘swarms’ will always show up on your main screen. You may need the password if it is a password protected Swarm.
Why can I not zoom in the Map view?
Since SwarmLocal is all about ‘Anonymous Proximity’ we have intentionally disabled the ability to zoom in and locate the Swarm center accurately.​​ Sorry..if that was a bummer!
How do you “Leave” a Swarm?
Just walk away!…no can elect to manually quit the Swarm from the app interface OR if you move outside the Range of the Swarm you automatically lose membership.​​
What is the “Strength” of a Swarm?
“Strength” refers to the number of subscribers in the Swarm. The more the merrier. It has nothing to do with how many push-ups you can do in a minute.
When does a Swarm become “Active”?
When you have more than two members in your Swarm the Swarm becomes active and inter-Swarm messaging is allowed. During the nascent stage of the app we have reduced the requirement to ‘more than one’. We do not believe in soliloquies. So until someone other than the creator joins the Swarm messaging feature stays inactive.
What is “Handle” ?
“Handle” refers to your alias in the Swarm. If you do not choose one the app will make one randomly. You can also change your alias anytime by re-joining with a different alias.
Balderdash! None of these FAQs answer my question. What now ?
A thousand apologies. Please use the Contact Us  link to send a message to us and we will unravel the mystery.